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We create elaborately designed websites

Fill in the brief
Tune metrics, analytics and SEO
Fill in the brief
Analyse business and targeted audience
Fill in the brief
Work with both one-page websites and complicated interfaces
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What we do

Our team pinpoints any business demands and end consumers at any stage of product development. We apply various methodology (JTBD, CJM, User flow, etc.), and also work out wide range of objectives.
Corporate websites
It is an official representation of your company on the Internet. Such sites are for new partners and clients attraction, company services or products presentation. Consisting of more than 5 pages
Project Duration
Over 3 months
5,000 $ and more
It is a one page website, which is used to present one service, product or personal brand. This type of websites is aimed at one target action like "Lodge an application", "Buy", "Register yourself", "Subscribe", etc.
Project Duration
Over 1 months
3,000 $ and more
Online stores
It is a website with a catalogue and a number of pages with articles of merchandise, which gives opportunity of online payment by various systems and integrations. It conforms business with unique goods of 10 and more items.
Project Duration
Over 3 months
5,000 $ and more
No-code Tilda
We assemble any types of website on the constructor for rapid launching and testing of hypothesis. This option is more budget-friendly, but the design remains unique, like at other types of engineering.
Project Duration
Over 1 months
2,000 $ and more




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Operation algorithm

Our work starts with immersion in your business, that is why the First step is filling in the brief, After that we analyse your commercial rivals and consumers. The work is decided into stages, each of which is coordinated with our client.
We analyse
We perform analysis of targeted audience and commercial rivals. Pinpoint problems and complaints of our client at any stage of our collaboration.
We create prototypes
Being based on the conclusions of tha analysis, create First outlines of prototypes for further testing. The First hypotheses are tested.
We visualize
Work on creation of guides and creative concept. Select the style of the project, reconcile it and establish the final version of the model.
We develop
Adapt to various devices and prepare the model for exploitation. After that transfers it to the team of developers
We launch
Implement instruments SEO, metrics and analytics, so as to track uses' actions on the site
Bakery Plant Promotion strategy
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