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Development of corporate identity, brand book and code


The BeesMark company has existed since 2012 and during this time has established itself as a reliable partner in the centralized wholesale sale and purchase of high-quality Russian honey.

BeesMark cooperates with foreign companies that follow global trends in environmental care. That is why the task ran like a red thread through each stage: to convey to the foreign buyer that their goals and values ​​about caring for the environmental friendliness of honey coincide.
Code development
Rebranding of the logo and corporate identity. Brand book development. Development of the company code
About the project:
With the developed code, we showed the goals, objectives and corporate and social principles of the company. Reflecting all of the above in such a formal version is equal to gaining the trust of a client of a foreign client for whom this is important.
1 stage
2 stage
3 stage
Logo creation
Strategy Development
Creating a corporate identity
Development of the company code
Making a presentation
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Logo development, Corporate identity, Brand book for the Enterprise 100th anniversary